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Relieving Body Pains through Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care


Chiropractic is one of the most popular alternative medicine when it comes treating chronic pain. In fact, in the United States alone, 6% of the total population continues to make use of this kind of treatment for a lot of discomforts. With a reputable and knowledgeable chiropractor, your pain and the other discomfort you feel will eventually go away.


In Asheville, North Carolina, there are a lot of chiropractor asheville nc who are more than willing to help relief your discomforts. These professionals are not to be mistaken as doctors, which is a common misconception. Rather they are trained professionals when it comes to giving chiropractic care. They have years of experience and they can work on creating a treatment plan for your health issues.


A new approach to chiropractic care at called upper cervical chiropractic is capable of relieving the body with a lot of pain syndromes. This type of chiropractic service is focused on relieving the C1 or the first vertebra at the top of the spine. The C1 can easily get misaligned and when it does, it can cause a lot of health issues.


Using X-Rays, physics, and carefully computed mathematical formulas, the Asheville chiropractor will work on correcting this misalignment. When the C1 goes back to its original position, it relieves the body from physical problems like sciatica, chronic pain, migraines, vertigo, and arthritis among others. This treatment service is commonly referred to as the Atlas Orthogonal Care.  The best thing about this treatment option is it is very subtle. The more gentle and nimble the hands of the chiropractor are, the less pressure the patient feels during the adjustment. It is worth noting that patients who have undergone this procedure have reported significant changes to their body almost immediately.


Just like any other chiropractic procedure, this service aims to correct the flow of blood to the brain. Additionally, it also addresses the flow of spinal fluid. Compared to other services, upper cervical chiropractic service doesn't involve cracking, twisting or popping of the bones, which is the usual case for chiropractic care. Know more at this website about chiropractor.


Through years of experience and clinical research, chiropractic care continues to address any pain experienced by patients. With advancements in this treatment approach, other discomforts like seizures, depression, fibromyalgia, TMJ and cerebral palsy, among others, are given relief. The best part is, the treatment doesn't involve any medications so it remains to be completely non-invasive and safe for the patients.